East Williamsburg is a neighborhood whose time has come. There's a feeling you get as you walk past the new storefronts on Grand Street - clothing boutiques and bars, a bakery and a well-curated vintage goods store. This is a neighborhood that's on the verge. Like North and South Williamsburg before it, the once overlooked area of East Williamsburg has come out of its shell and is turning into something wonderful.


The creative energy that revitalized prime Williamsburg has once again moved east. Specialty storefronts have sprung up next to mom-and-pop shops and trendy restaurants now sit alongside old-world trattorias.


Start-ups and workspaces like 3rd Ward and House of Yes now occupy the factory spaces. Savvy commuters have snatched up vacancies and families have moved in because there's no other neighborhood this close to Manhattan - only 2 subway stops away - that doesn't feel overcrowded or overpriced.

For a while East Williamsburg was unnoticed - tucked away behind the artistic mecca of Bedford Avenue - but all that is changing. Welcome to the neighborhood.